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Van’s Proprietary Dashboard

The proprietary dashboard technology spearheaded by Van and his team at Van Conway and Partners (VCP) can develop KPI’s for everything from cafeteria lettuce usage to inventory days on hand. If there is a numerator or a denominator we can measure it using our dashboard. Using information that most businesses update in their computers every day, we can extract data real-time such that a negative or positive variance can be spotted immediately

The dashboard enables our team to consult and identify KPI’s at every level of an organization. We can  supply the dashboards to desktops and cell phones. The dashboard monitors variances and alerts companies to deterioration of key metrics and we can be available to consult as to how to “right the ship” before things get out of hand.

The dashboard is available to all companies big or small.   Contact Van Conway today at talkingbiznetwork.com and see how the dashboard technology can keep your company rolling strong.

2017 Operating Revenue

Days Cash on Hand

3 Year CAGR Trend

Impact Score : 6.47

Payor Concentration Mix

Total Debt to Cash Flow

Cash Flow Margin

Unrestricted Cash to Debt %